Isotope ratio mass spectrometry – what are the most popular stable isotopes of choice for researchers?

Our database of over 1000 isotope ratio mass spectrometers reveal that carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes are of the most significant interest to researchers. This is unsurprising due to the significant volume of research currently being undertaken on the global #carbon cycle, and the important role both these elements play in the biosphere. Carbon and nitrogen isotopes also have a huge variety of commercial applications, from geochemistry to food authenticity.

The relatively high abundance of carbon and nitrogen in biological samples means that analysis is typically less challenging than for other isotopes such as oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur. Analytical challenges are often compounded by a lack of suitable isotopic reference materials, and therefore researchers tend towards studying #isotopes that can be supported by an array of suitable reference materials.

Simultaneous analysis of carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes is made possible by combining IRMS with an elemental analyser (EA-IRMS), but many researchers also perform compound specific measurements using gas or liquid chrompatography inlets connected to IRMS (GC-IRMS, LC-IRMS). #IRMS #GC #LC #Liquidchromatography #Elementar #carbon #sercon #Nu #Thermo #laboratoryequipment #isoprime #carloeber #costech