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From analysis of Aflatoxin to Zearalenone, search our global database of ISO/IEC17025 accredited methods and testing facilities.

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Promote your business by contributing to the world’s largest resource of accredited testing facilities.

Project Partners

Reduce your dependency on traditional networks of specialists and let our scientists at Global Asset Index find the ideal partner institute for your project.

Example queries:

  1. We are seeking to establish technical co-operation with a number of MRI facilities around the globe specifically where experts are specialising in cancer research.
  2. We wish to establish an international network of forensic laboratories specialising in human blood analysis using LC-TOF-MS.
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Method Validation

Need to externally validate your laboratory method? Global Asset Index will help you identify suitable partners including those with specific research activities and instrumentation.

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Scientific Research Funding

From antibiotic resistance to Zika virus, our scientists at Global Asset Index can help you search across 192 countries for funders of specific areas of scientific research.

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Search for the ideal specialist for your opening anywhere in the world and across all scientific sectors. Not only can Global Asset Index search across 192 countries for your ideal candidate, but we can also bring you specialists who are working with specific scientific instrumentation. We can even separate your list of candidates into those with experience of a specific manufacturer’s instrumentation.

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Stay at the cutting edge of scientific research.

Increase your organisations visibility and become part of the world’s largest single resource of analytical instrumentation, research specialists, accredited testing facilities, and more.

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